3E panels are an advanced engineered light weight product which facilitates rapid and easy installation, thus shortening construction time and cutting down the cost associated with construction significantly. Rapid installation also means reduced construction risks,  weather risks and overall risks associated with project delays.
3E panels are made by combining thin-timber veneers and fibre reinforcements together formed in innovative structurally efficient geometries, a concept first invented by a team of experts from University of Queensland (UQ) and University of London (UCL). This expert team consists of Associate Professor Dilum Fernando, who is an expert in timber and composite products and Professor Jose Torero, who is an expert in Fire Safety Engineering.

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Hollow core 3E Panels are the basic product of  3E PANELS. It is made of hybrid glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) timber veneer core members with two GFRP reinforced plywood face sheets.


Internal face of the face sheets also include a geo-polymer layer covered with an ultra-thin timber veneer sheet to improve fire resistance.


Thickness of the panel can be varied to customers' preferences.


Standard hollow core 3E Panels with 100mm thickness has an approximate weight of 15.1kG per square meter. It also has an axial load resistance of 40 tons per linear meter and a shear resistance of 2.8 tons per linear meter.

Curved Architectural Structure


  • 3E Curved Panels

  • 3E Fire Panels

  • 3E Shear Panels

  • 3E Hybrid Floor Panels

  • Concrete Filled 3E Panels